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Suzanne was a great instructor and we instantly knew we wanted her to be our doula for the birth of our first son.

The first thing (my husband) and I both said after we found out we were pregnant with our second is to make sure Suzanne was available.Her follow up sessions with us were helpful especially if you are unsure about brfeastfeeding or just need a bit of a break.She comes with a wealth of personal and professional knowledge.

Cecilia T, Toronto, ON

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"Suzanne is fantastic and I recommend her to anyone looking for pre and post natal care. We met Suzanne in her prenatal course-she is a knowledgeable and informative teacher. We felt empowered with facts, and confident going in to labour because of her teaching.

Suzanne worked with us post partum with both of our children. She was a ray of sunshine- giving our babies the support they needed, as well as helping us. She became a trusted friend. Our chats still resonate with me as I journey through parenthood"

Laura, Toronto, ON

"What a huge relief it was on the days when Suzanne came. I am convinced she has a magic spell for bringing peace to both baby and mom! I would recommend Suzanne to everyone and will call on her again for our next baby"

Lauren, Toronto, ON

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