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About Me....

Birth Partners Support Services is ME....

My name is Suzanne Lim and I have been a labour, birth and postpartum doula for almost 20 years. I am also a childbirth educator- and have been teaching prenatal classes and infant care basics for 14 years. I have 5 beautiful children, all born in a variety of circumstances. My lived experience, my professional learnings, combined with my specific trainings give me the perfect balance of knowledge and wisdom.

 I bring this to every one of my clients.

Then there is-  RESPECT. Respect is another cornerstone of my doula practice. This is YOUR birth journey, and my job will be to support you throughout that- whatever choices you happen to make. From an un-medicated birth at home to a highly technical electicve c-section... I'm there!!  Bottle feeding? Breastfeeding? My job is to support you in making sure that everyone in the family is fed and healthy- whatever that looks like for you. Everyone deserves support and care rooted in trust and compassion.

Lastly, I believe that LOVE IS LOVE and I strive to live up to this value everyday.

 All families, all bodies are welcome and safe here. 

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