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D.I.Y.  Doula...

This is about YOU. Having the exact amount of support you need. 

Consider all the birth education and guidance you need, all the birth preparation you can get in order to support yourself during labour and delivery.... You are super prepared. YOU CAN DO THIS!

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Pregnant Woman with Mother
Pregnancy Checkup
Pregnancy Checkup
My Baby

Be Your Own Doula

You will get all the support from me that you need.

Everything from the Birth Support Package is yours...minus birth attendance,

Many people find that the loads of birth preparation I provide is enough. Or maybe, your birth vision includes just you and your partner or you and your parent or a  sibling. It's all good!

This package provides: ongoing email and text support, 2 in-person prenatal prep meetings, virtual check-ins during labour, and

a post-birth visit.  

COST:  $1000

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