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D.I.Y.  Doula

The COVID pandemic showed how resilient we are and how much we can do with so little if we all just work together. Many families are in situations where they need guidance, educations and support but not necessarily birth attendance. Eg. Families where one partner is more experienced than the other, families with other birth support built in, folks who want to keep the birth space as private as possible. Whatever your situation- we  have you covered! 

Consider all the education and guidance you need; all the  preparation you can get in order to  have the best birth experience possible.

You are super prepared. YOU CAN DO THIS!

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Pregnant Woman with Mother
Pregnancy Checkup
Pregnancy Checkup
My Baby

Be Your Own Doula

I will provide all  the support  that you need.

Everything from the In person Birth Support Package is yours minus birth attendance.

This package provides: ongoing email and text support, 2 in-person prenatal prep meetings, as much virtual support as you need during labour and a post-birth follow up visit. 

COST:  $1000

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