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Infant Care class



-covers all the basics of baby care in the comfort of your own home so that you are well prepared before  baby's arrival

-includes holding, soothing, diapering, bathing, sleep issues and more!

Cost: $250 (Price covers UP TO 2 people. Extra people, eg. grandparents, may attend @ $50 per person)

Lactation Support Package


-3 visits post birth (2 hours each)

- hands on help after your baby is home to ensure you have the basics covered- position, latch, suck, how to tell if baby is drinking, how to be confident baby is getting enough, and more....

-help with challenges- sore nipples, engorgement, plugged ducts, etc..

- creation of an action plan

-referrals to lactation specialists and resources as needed

Cost- $100- 1 visit

           $200- 2 visits

           $260- 3 visits

Birth Preparation Classes 

For those who would like some support but without birth attendance or continuous support during pregnancy and afterward. These are private in-home classes. Also available virtually

 Birth Planning ( 2-3 hrs)

-guidance with your birth options and Birth Plan creation 

-interventions, birth position options, medication options, asking the right questions, etc...

Cost: $200 ($150 virtual)

Comfort Measures (2-3 hrs)


-discussion and practice of strategies for coping with labour

-breathing and relaxation, massage, labour positions, hot/cold compress, low moaning, music, atomosphere, etc...

Cost: $200 ($150 virtual)

* Both Classes: $350 (3-4 hours)

                           $300 (virtual)

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