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Experienced, compassionate support

Sleeping Baby

Everyone deserves a Doula

During this most crucial time of life, you deserve to be informed, supported and encouraged; to have a  doula that has seen it ALL, from pregnancy to postpartum; a doula who will be there for YOU, whatever your birth choices.

This is exactly what you need. 

Doula Package

 All the education, preparation, guidance and support you need- with your own partner, family member or friends being your birth support. 

Young Couple Expecting

Birth Support
This package gives you continuous doula support right from the moment we start working together till your baby is born. Education, guidance, advocacy and comfort as you need it.  


This postpartum support package gives you hands on, competent support after birth. You receive help with all things baby and parent care.
Start building your village.

Happy Family
Modern Family

Prenatal education is so important. Making good decisions means first knowing what your options are. Learn all you need about your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey.

"I'd urge [people] to take their upcoming childbirth very seriously as it  is a life changing event and it is your experience- not the hospital's, not your obstetrician's or midwife's- to remember and cherish"
Penny Simkin 

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